About MG Home Design

MG Home Design was founded in 2015 by Giorgio Furfari, the son of a very well- established manufacturer of Kitchen Cabinets in South Italy Born and raised in the family business, Giorgio developed a passion for the craftsmanship and manufacturing of cabinets. Together with his elder brother, Giuseppe Furfari, they followed the steps of their father Rocco Furfari, who left his legacy to both of his sons. Later, Giorgio would become the mind and the heart of the business, bringing forward innovative ideas and embracing new technology in production and assembly. His ambition brought him to Toronto, Canada where in 2015 he opened his first showroom in North America. Today he leads production in both countries, in Italy and in Canada. In collaboration with Preston Design, they have been working with major construction companies such as Bassi Construction, RECL, The Heafey Group, JBPA Developments Inc., etc.